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Kawai | Asian-Inspired Street Food | The Fight For Flavour
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Battle-Ready Street Food

In the fight for flavour, the Kawai Kindred have not rested. We gathered the elements of Asian flavour-greatness from the East, pulled smoky chipotle from the flames of Tijuana, rode into the sunset to learn the secrets of sticky BBQ, and climbed the mountains of Peru to discover the way of the aji amarillo.
In the kitchen, sharp blades make quick work of maki, skilled hands layer sandos, and spice-masters make sure our bao and burgers are fully loaded. Loyal to our cause, we treat every ingredient with respect to create food that demands attention. The battle is just beginning, join us in the fight for flavour.

Our special menu

Experience the sweet and spicy flavours of our special dishes

Kunafa Prawn Bao

Crispy prawn with yuzu guacamole and sriracha mayo

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Wagyu Katsu Sando

Tender, buttery wagyu steak sandwich with tokyo mayo

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Crunchy Prawn Tempura Maki

Prawn tempura with spicy crab and sriracha mayo

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Kawai Menu

The Kawai menu has taken street food’s big-hitters, loaded them with five-star ingredients and gone all-in for maximum-flavour.

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Contact us with any questions about our menu, location, or to learn the warrior way.

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